Mommy Makeover Surgery in Denver, CO

Mommy Makeovers  commonly combine some different surgeries so as to minimize the time the patient needs to recover. For mothers to regain their per-pregnancy bodies and even improve on them often a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast procedure are all done at the same time.

These surgical procedures are designed to offset the physical effects of childbearing. Because each procedure is tailored and many makeovers combine an assortment of procedures after pregnancy for a complete conversion, each surgery can be a little different.

Mommy Makeover Popularity

The tummy tuck is the procedure which is most common for new mothers. Pregnancy causes the skin in the abdomen to stretch, and when the pregnancy is over, the skin cannot spring back to its previous position. The result of this is usually a loose, sagging tummy. The patient in will be under a general anesthetic as it is considered major surgery.

The skin is cut across the hips and detached from the belly button. If only a partial abdominoplasty (partial tummy tuck) is being done, the incision made is smaller, not fully from hip to hip. The mommy makeover surgeon in Denver CO can then lift the skin and tighten the connective tissue and the muscle.

It is at this point in the surgery that the liposuction is done if it is necessary. There are two techniques which could be used for liposuction. The first requires the breaking up of the fat using a small tube, then sucking it out. The second uses high-frequency sound energy to break up the fat.

In both methods, the fat is then sucked up into a tube. It is easier to do this during a tummy tuck because instead of making a small incision as in normal liposuction surgery, the skin is fully removed. This is one of the benefits of having multiple operations done Denver CO.

A lot of plastic surgeons are now selling the service of the Mommy Makeover, which tackles a woman’s post-pregnancy body problems in a one session operation that usually mix the following:

  • Tummy Tuck
  • Fat Removal
  • Breast Enhancement

The breast procedure will vary depending on the goals of the patient. There are three main options: breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast lift. An enlargement takes between one and two hours depending on the work to be done. It is common because the breasts are often not the same shape after the breastfeeding period is over.

A breast lift is in a sense similar to a tummy tuck in that it pulls up the skin over the breasts. It is used because of the sagging which sometimes occurs after breastfeeding. There is also often an increase in breast volume which is why a breast reduction is also common.

If you just had a baby, then you know exactly what a mommy makeover means! Pregnancy can leave your body out of shape, and you may find it rather impossible to get back your old body.

But thanks to Denver Plastic Surgeon you can now get back into shape! An increasing number of women are undergoing more and more mommy makeovers. You are not the only one looking at these procedures. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS), almost 36% of a total of 9.9 million cosmetic procedures performed were in patients between the 30 years and 39 years. All of them were wishing to get back their former youthful bodies.

Mommy makeovers can involve some procedures performed by Denver Plastic Surgeon. From breast lifts and augmentation to cosmetic gynecology. Most women complain that they’re unable to get back into shape, especially in the abdominal area. This is despite all the dieting and workouts they have undergone. The fact is that it’s not the fat that is causing the problem. It’s the unsightly loose skin that must be got rid of.

While it’s difficult to count the number of Mommy Makeovers done across America exactly, the fact that these procedures have become so popular and sought after especially by younger women are an indication of its success.

Getting Back to Your Career

A mommy makeover becomes more important if you are a woman trying to get back into employment. These procedures will help you become more confident with your body and face work challenges more easily. Moreover, women looking more confident tend to earn higher incomes than their counterparts.

For most women, motherhood is often put-off, prioritizing career. And when motherhood comes, these women get back to work right away, yet in a different shape, and often, with a lot of extra baggage on their stomachs, hips, breasts, and legs. With this change in their figure, their confidence is also dampened, and they seek to be back to their pre-baby shapes as much as possible.

Women are given the benefit to return to their youthful-looking bodies after they have gone through childbirth. Two main areas affected because of pregnancy and childbirth. These two areas are the breast and the abdomen. These two areas are severely affected after the child is born and therefore the first treatment as part of the Mommy MakeOver will be an abdominoplasty.

The abdominoplasty is otherwise commonly known as a tummy tuck. It is a surgical procedure, which will be able to bring back the tummy to its original flat self. The second treatment as part  is a breast augmentation. This brings treatment the loose skin around the breasts is tightened and the breasts back to its original shape and size. These surgical procedures have been designed to be able to help women gain that confidence back and live lives, as they would desire.

Women who have gained a lot of weight over the years are deeply concerned by how their body looks. These women opt to take a liposuction procedure to be able to look at that beautiful self of again. However, several horror stories keep people away from trying to attempt a liposuction surgical procedure. This is the reason why several new technologies are available that can help in safely performing liposuction procedures.

Many women who are worried about surgical procedures will be pleased to find that there are also liposuction procedures that are relatively less painful. The recovery time of these procedures is also considerably less. The all new tickle liposuction is a classic example of liposuction procedure that is a revolutionary new technique and which is safer than any other liposuction procedures that are available today.

The tickle liposuction procedure can be used even on superficial layers of the skin wet that is not too much of fat. Many people like to use the tickle liposuction procedure for their neck, back; face etc. there is no need for general anesthesia to be administered to the patient who is taking up a tickle liposuction.

There is also very fewer chances that the physician would make any mistakes while performing the tickle liposuction. This is the cause why many people prefer the tickle liposuction to any other liposuction procedures that can have adverse effects on the body, especially during recovery.

Childbearing usually brings the biggest change to a woman’s body. Along with the baby are stretched skin, a sagging stomach, sagging breasts, and a handful of extra fat.

For the past years, there has been a boom in mommy make-over surgery, primarily because mothers have realized that to get back their self-confidence; they also need to look and feel good.

Common Mommmy Makeover Procedures

The most common procedures are a tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast lift/augmentation. A tummy tuck tightens the stretched loose muscles and skin of the stomach. Liposuction is getting rid of excess fat from the stomach and hips. Meanwhile, a breast augmentation is to fill out the deflated breasts by adding implants or adjusting the position of the breasts by a breast lift.

Many women are concerned about the time needed for post-op recovery. In most cases, they should have assistance for the first couple of days at home. Most women can return to work in 7 to 10 days. – Then mom can get back on track, feeling much more confident and energized.

Getting a mommy makeover does not only boost mom’s confidence but also make her feel healthier and energetic – imagine unloading a few pounds from the baggage.

More than ever, you have a wide array of exciting surgical options to reverse the unwanted effects of childbearing and age. Depending on what you feel needs improvement  the surgeon will make sure that using advanced technology and tailored patient care, pain is minimized and recovery time is fast so that you get great results and can quickly return to your family and your life.

It is no big secret that every woman wants to feel great about her body, and this is supported by statistics which show that between men and women, women are more likely to go under the knife to improve some feature of their body.

One of the greatest assets of a woman’s beauty is her breasts. Women are a very sub conscience in clothing. Styles meant to enhance a woman’s breasts fall short when the shape of her breasts no longer hold volume, elasticity, or shape. So the statistics show that the most popular cosmetic surgeries for women are breast surgeries! A breast augmentation, breast reduction or a breast lift Scottsdale are some of the more popular options.

These days there are many women decide to have makeover surgeries after their pregnancies. They need to first discuss this with their doctor, who will advise them of any risks and their general state of health. Once they have been granted the green light and they have done their part to lose the weight naturally through exercise and proper diets, it is time to seek out the advice of a well-respected plastic surgeon to help map out your body re-sculpting.

A mommy makeover consists of three stages: a breast lift Scottsdale, a tummy tuck, and finally, a liposuction for those stubborn areas. Previously, all three of these operations were performed separately. Now, a woman can map out a plan with her doctor and combine the surgeries. This eliminates months of hiding away in the house recovering from each elective surgery.

You can now get the desired body you want, and start shopping for the clothes you have so wanted to wear but did not have the body shape or size to do so. Combining the surgeries means you can get back to your life in a shorter period, you can plan vacations, and events because you are confident you will be body beautiful to do so. Having a “mommy makeover” is now a realistic option.

Going under the blade is no longer the risk that it used to be. Horror stories of disfigured bodies are a thing of the past. Blogs and Medical websites are no longer discussing the risks and long recoveries of cosmetic body surgery that they once did 5 to 10 years ago. The chances that more than one woman in a room or retail store had had even one body restructuring was slim.

Nowadays, women will speak up about their choice to restore their bodies and share their positive experiences. Many believes that the skyrocketing popularity of the mommy makeover comes from the fact that there is hard proof backing the safety of these surgeries. Even though breast implant is an efficient procedure in itself but it is appropriate to use it after childbirth. The procedures included in mommy makeover in Colorado offers a great help to the ladies after pregnancy.

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